Willamette Institute for Biological Control, Inc.


The Willamette Institute for Biological Control, Inc. is a private, non-profit, tax exempt corporation at home in the southern Willamette Valley of Oregon. Founded in 1985 by five continuously serving members of the board of directors, the Institute facilitates research and education supporting agriculture and forestry.

The Institute's focus includes biological pest control. Biocontrol products and services target specific pests, minimize non-target effects, and are least toxic tools for integrated pest management.

The Institute's focus also includes biological diversity. Biodiversity promotes balance in food webs and natural cycles. Loss of diversity results in loss of natural support systems, loss of balanced food webs, loss of complete natural cycles. These losses are significant because they result in increasing instability due to increasing pest infestation and dependence on intervention that is expensive and uncertain.

Mission Statement

The Willamette Institute for Biological Control, Inc. is dedicated to scientific and educational activities in the public interest, especially regarding issues in agriculture and forestry related to biological pest control and the enhancement of biodiversity.

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